Meet Penny

Penelope Wilder is a writer, reviewer and avid reader of romance and erotic novels. She lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and three cats. Her favorite thing to do at the end of a very long day is to curl up with her nook.

About Penny Reads Romance

Penny started Penny Reads Romance because she reads a lot. The opinions and comments expressed on this site and in her reviews are just that, and being written from her own perspective, and you may or may not agree with them, and that’s just fine. Feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions.

A Note from Penny on Mature Content

Some reviews on this site have been tagged or categorized as “Mature”. These titles may include commentary on books containing references to things like BDSM, M/M/F encounters, group sex, and books with more descriptive erotic encounters. Some paranormal romance books include sexual encounters between humans and non-humans, such as: aliens, weres, vampires, gods and goddesses, angels, witches, etc. If you don’t already have some understanding about the types of sexual encounters described above, and you are under the age of 17, maybe you should think twice about reading a review that’s been marked for mature audiences. Likewise, if you read a review, and you think the content of that particular book will make you uncomfortable, don’t read it. Use your own judgement.

FTC Disclaimer

In addition to receiving books/e-books directly from authors and publishers, Penny also reviews books that she receives through third party services such as NetGalley, and books/ e-books she purchases herself. All of Penny’s book reviews are a tagged to indicate if the book for a particular review was purchased. i.e.: “net-galley-reviews” or “reviews-book-purchased”, etc. It should also be pointed out that Penny does not receive any monies from publishers, authors, books stores, or other such related parties for any of the reviews she does.

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