ADAM’S FLIGHT had been nominated for a Goodread’s M/M Romance Group Member’s Choice Award
Notes From Penny , Penny Writes Romance / November 29, 2014

Adam’s Flight, my Love’s Landscapes short was nominated for a M/M Romance Group Member Choice Award for Best Fantasy (High Fantasy or Urban Fantasy). If you are a member of the M/M Romance Group and want to vote for Best Fantasy (High Fantasy or Urban Fantasy), click HERE. The first round of voting closes December 12, 2014. Haven’t read Adam’s Flight? The free downloads for Adam’s Flight, and links to Adam’s Flight on Goodreads are available HERE.  

Unjustified Claims: Hidden Wolves Book 3 by Kaje Harper

~Penny’s Rating: B+ ~ Kaje Harper is an author I have been meaning to post about for a while now, because I really enjoy her work. The first two books in the Hidden Wolves series, Unacceptable Risk, and Unexpected Demands are fantastic, and if you have not read them, I highly recommend that you do so before tackling Unjustified Claims. There are also a couple of free short stories in the series as well. You can check out Harper’s complete body of work here. So why Hidden Wolves? First of all, the series takes place in Minnesota! Yay home state! The novels in this series are hefty and satisfying – Harper tends to write longer novels, which are typically hundreds of pages longer than your standard M/M book these days, and Harper’s take on werewolves in our own universe, or a near identical one, is refreshing, and dare I say realistic? Yes I know, werewolves, but still, you don’t have a hard time believing that her Hidden Wolves live in the Twin Cities and work as technical writers and custom cabinet makers. Or that they buy pastries from one of my favorite Vietnamese bakeries over on University Avenue. I will also preface this review by…

Adam’s Flight is COMING SOON

Soooo….. I haven’t written a blog post since April! Yikes. The main reason for that is, that I spent a lot of my free time working on a short story for the M/M Romance Group’s annual ‘Don’t Read in the Closet’ event, which this year is titled Love’s Landscapes. Then my hubby and I decided to try our hand at some DIY renovations and were met with varying degrees of disaster and success. That is a whole other story, but suffice it to say my blogging time has been limited. I started participating in this event three years ago in 2012, and at that time wrote the first creative piece of writing I had attempted since college some ten years ago. Writers who volunteer to participate in the event choose a picture and a prompt that speak to them, and write a story based on them. This year I picked a prompt I loved, but was slightly terrified of. You’ll see why. It was not the type of prompt I expected to choose.  No fluffy gay for you prompts for Penny this year, challenge accepted. Here is the prompt in its entirety. The picture that inspired the prompt can be viewed here….

THE BEST PART- A New FREE Penny Wilder Short
Penny Writes Romance / August 26, 2013

Yep. I did it again. I attempted to write something for the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads’ annual short story event, this year dubbed “Love Has No Boundaries“. Here’s how it works: group members are asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group then select a photo and prompt that speaks to them and write a short story. So, here is the prompt I picked for my story, THE BEST PART. Links to download the story are available in pdf, mobi or epub at: The event features over 180 free stories, so if you enjoy M/M fiction or just want to see what all the fuss is about, I highly recommend you check it out. Anyway, enjoy! Prompt for THE BEST PART, By Penny Wilder: Dear Author, Who are you and what have you done with my best friend? You think you know a guy and then, wham, it seems like I know nothing at all. My previously shy and somewhat geeky best friend seems to have been hiding a few things from me. For example, pink underwear— what the hell? And when did he acquire that ripped body and…