The Best Part is Now Free on Smashwords!
Penny Writes Romance / March 21, 2014

Yes- My short story, The Best Part is now available on Smashwords. For FREE! Click HERE to get it! It is also out on Nook, Scribd and the rest of the regular Smashwords distribution channels. Book Blurb: Best buddies Manny Velazquez and Ben Green grew up together. Now after ten years of living separate lives in separate states, they are reunited as roommates when Manny comes back to their hometown for a job. Growing up, Manny was a skinny geek, but not anymore. Now he’s this super buff fitness god, and since Manny came back, Ben can’t help noticing his friend in a whole new way. Ben’s scared, because he knows how he feels could change everything, and no matter what happens, he doesn’t want to lose Manny as his friend. This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads ‘Love Has NO Boundaries’ event. Enjoy! -P

To Scribd, or Not To Scribd? That is the Question.
Musings , Notes From Penny / February 3, 2014

So… I signed up for Scribd. I am still in my trial month. In case you have been living under a rock and are thinking, “Penny, what in the dickens is Scribd?” Scribd is an essentially a digital library via tablet and web app. Subscribers can pay a monthly subscription fee of $8.99 to have access to Scribd’s library to read an unlimited number of books a month. Check out Scribd’s about page for more information. I love the concept of a “Netflix for books”, but I was and still am a little uncertain of the execution. I went with Scribd because unlike similar app Oyster, which is only available as and app on Apple devices, Scribd is available for Android and Apple users. Oyster also costs more, but that wasn’t really a consideration for me, since I have an Android tablet. I hope that by signing up for Scribd, I am not contributing to the decline of the publishing world, or robbing participating authors and publishers blind. So far, in order to validate my subscription, at least in my mind, I have approached my reading of books on Scribd by choosing to read things that I probably would not…

Continental Divide FREE for Kindle (for now anyway)…
Freebies and Steals , Notes From Penny / February 2, 2014

Yep. So in late 2013 I noticed this book, Continental Divide (Separate Ways, #1), up for free on Amazon. I read the sample, and ended up downloading it. I devoured it and ended up buying the other books in the series, Oceans Apart and Moving Mountains, and devouring them too. Continental Divide also free on Smashwords, and .99 cents on Barnes & Noble. Definitely worth the free read, and you might just get hooked! Publisher Description: “Detective Remington frickin’ hates the missing persons detail, but a cold fury builds in the pit of his stomach when he realizes that over the past three months six boys have disappeared from the smaller communities that surround the greater Phoenix area. All reported to be runaways looking to escape their shitty lives, but Remy’s starting to put together a different picture and he doesn’t like it one damn bit. Inspector Jamie Mainwaring stares at the six reports, willing them to make sense. Six boys, six months, all from just outside of London, which meant six different investigations. All of the boys were between the ages of ten and fifteen, all purportedly runaways from dysfunctional families. Something was rotten in Denmark. There are always runaways. Every small town loses them—every…

TELLING JASE is now FREE at Smashwords
Penny Writes Romance / June 25, 2013

Thanks to a changes that made to their definition of “published” works, of which I will probably say more on at a later date, I decided to release my “Love is Always Write” story TELLING JASE on Smashwords! Yes, it is free. It is, also thanks to Smashwords, already available through Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, some public libraries, and will soon be available through If you haven’t already, I hope you download it and enjoy! For someone who wasn’t planning to release this story in anything other that its original event format, this whole experience has been a trip. My story has an ISBN. It’s available at libraries. I am so impressed with Smashwords, they really make it incredibly easy (once you figure out the formatting anyway), to self-publish, and I will absolutely use them again. Also thanks to J.W. Passaro (@JWPDesignWorks) for the kick-ass cover.