December 17, 2011

Q: What genre’s are accepted for review?

This is first and foremost a site for reviewing romance and erotica books. Penny accepts: historical and regency romance, contemporary romance, chick lit, paranormal and fantasy romance. She loves reading stories about true love and great super hot sex, regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation or gender.   She also enjoys young adult/ teen romance stories. Erotica submissions are accepted and welcomed provided that the sexual encounters in the novel are consensual.

Q: How do I get Penny to review my book?

Authors interested in submitting books directly to Penny should contact her first by e-mail [email protected], and include a brief synopsis, and at most a sample chapter from the book. Please do not send links to materials in the initial e-mail, as they will not be accepted. Penny also reviews books that she receives through third-party services such as NetGalley. Epub and pdf copies of books preferred. Penny does not guarantee that just because she reads your book that she will like it, and she will be brutally honest in her critique, so consider yourself forewarned.

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